Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.
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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Movin' on up!


Just got in from moving the rest of my belongings today. Me, my son and my daughter. It was extremely tasking trying to get around all of those people in my old building. Some were hugging me, some were glad that God is blessing me to do better. I also made $600 today because Pastor Patricia went VIP Exclusive in Karatbars. That was a sign from God that He will take care of me now and not some government building. I also signed up 8 people overnight from last night to this morning. God is good. Yes, you may not pay bills in those high rises, only rent, but I always said that I'd rather pay bills and live in peace than not to pay bills and live in many opinions and confusion in some cases. God proved today that bills will be no problem. God is good. 

My son just got on the bus back to Pittsburgh at 8:45 and I dropped Alexi back off at Cal, came home and took a beautiful shower. My place is now filled with all of my belongings except my beautiful plants and I will go back to Cal and get them tomorrow. Some of my old neighbors were sick about me moving out. At first I found it hard to believe, I don't know why but God showed me that they really meant it. I am not used to being loved and wanted or even cared about like that. I had to kick doubt to the curb and begin to believe. One elderly lady kissed my neck and I was sweating like crazy! She saw it and didn't care..anointing I guess! Lol. I really miss my plants. 

I watched my son and daughter knock it out of the box today moving all that stuff that we had since we had our house in Canonsburg in 2000. When you have kids pictures from school, papers, dishes, various artifacts of your existence, it's hard to throw away. Alexi worked so hard today she had to sit on my new front porch and moan a little and let out a quick cry. That time of month where women should really be resting and here she is …. moving her mother. She quickly stopped crying, came in the living room, laid down for about 10 minutes or so, and got up and started emptying the truck again with her brother. I almost cried watching them.  It was so wonderful to watch someone do something for me because they love me. I thank God for them.


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